1. Save 20 to 50 Gallons of Water per Vehicle

Our Waterless Wash & Wax formula safely lifts dirt & grime away from the surface using a clever emulsification process developed by our chemical engineer specialist. 

2. Create Lasting Shine and Protection

Our Eco-Friendly product is great on alloy, glass, plastic, rubber and more, it protects them well. We use a premium grade Carnauba wax in the formula, this permits you to proceed with cleaning the surface area of the vehicle without scratching it. 

3. Repel Water / Leave a Protective Finish on Your Vehicle

We’ve chemically engineered this formula from the ground up. One of the key features we focused on was achieving the prefect water beading finish we all strive for.

4. Eco-Friendly / Remove More Than Just Dirt

If you are on our website or talking with an AIM Waterless Carwash agent then you probably love a clean car as much as us. But not many people know that using the traditional hose & pipe method to clean a car uses on average 480 litres of water. That’s crazy. That’s mad. 

5. Protects the Environment / Water Access

Whether you’re hunting out that perfect road in the great outdoors or parked up in a high-riser apartment, access to water can be tricky. With our formula that’s no longer a problem.