Who we are

We are family owned and operated.

Our call service is to provide you with a personalised mobile waterless carwash at your preferred location.

AIM Waterless Carwash provides more than just a routine carwash. We provide the extra service required to maintain a clean and pleasant environment using eco-friendly products.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. By adhering to this code, we are confident you will be pleased with our carwash services and the quality of our work.

What we do

Full liability insurance.

We are so confident on our services that you will not be bound by any contracts. Instead, a simple agreement with price, schedule and your vehicle cleaning specifications is all we need.

Please be assured that AIM Waterless Carwash will do the entire job at every scheduled appointment (per your specifications). We do not cut corners or rush through the vehicle cleaning process our quality of work reflects this. 


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